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Welcome, Beautiful!   

I can't wait to meet you. So what are you waiting for? Let's get this party started!

A little about the salon: What do I even expect?

Rock Paper Scissors is designed to be a relaxing  one-on-one session between you and Christine. Your appointment will never be double booked. The space and experience is built around YOU!

Before your appointment you can select everything: from the scents you experience, the music playing, which hot tea to savor while you process, or even how chatty you want your session.

Want to skip the small talk? No worries, this time is designed to adjust to whatever lights you up. After the consultation you can pop your earbuds in and catch up on that audiobook you've been wanting to finish. On the clock? You can hop on our WIFI and work from the salon. Just be sure to set your shampoo time to "In a Meeting" so you can enjoy it!


Step 1

Check your email for your appointment confirmation and welcome packet

Step 3


Get excited!

Step 4

Fall in love with your new salon home!

Step 5

New Client Booking Options...

Seeing a new stylist isn't always easy... we get that. We take away all of the usual stress and confusion through our unique new guest booking experience. Your first appointment will probably take a little bit longer as we take extra time for a thorough consultation and mapping out exactly what your hair and scalp need.
Don't see what you're looking for on the list below?
Click below to send us an email.

New Guest Option #1

Clean Canvas


New clients are requested to come in for a chelation treatment before a curly cut or haircolor appointment. This helps remove product, hard water buildup, and creates a clean canvas so optimal results can be achieved. This includes blast dry (to get rid of drips.)
Full style can be added on.
This treatment can be booked directly before other services, but best results if it is competed at least one day prior to curly cut or color services.

45 - 60 mins

Choose "Clean Canvas" when you book below.


New Guest Option #2

The Change Up

Do you want to get those pesky greys under control or want an all over color change?
(Excludes blonding)
This option includes an extended consultation, non-dimensional color, shampoo, condition, cut or treatment, and blow dry style.
2 - 2.5 hours

Choose "The Change Up" when you book below.


New Guest Option #3

Spruce It Up

Want to add highlights and/or lowlights to enhance what you already have?
This option includes an extended consultation, half head of dimensional color, shampoo, condition, cut or treatment, and blow dry style. 

2.5 - 3 hours

Choose "Spruce It Up" when you book below.

New Guest Option #4

The Works

Do you want to brighten it up but you need to take care of those pesky greys too? Maybe you want a dramatic color change? Want to add lots of dimension to your hair? This option includes an extended consultation, full dimensional service (all over color can be added if needed,) shampoo, condition, cut or treatment, and blow dry style.
3-4 hours

Choose "The Works" when you book below.


New Guest Option #5

I'm Just Here To Relax

Looking to unwind but not looking for a new stylist?
This package is pure relaxation. No pressure to book other services.

This self care option includes:

  • Shampoo with extended scalp massage

  • Hair and scalp mask with steam

  • Hydrodhara relaxation session- with or without breathwork

  • Eco-Fin hand treatment

  • Blowout

60 minutes

Choose "I'm Just Here To Relax" when you book below.


What the heck is Hydrodhara and Eco-Fin?

New Guest Booking Options
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