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Tropical Leaves

These aren't on your typical salon menu:

Relaxation Services

Complimentary Relaxation Services

These are optional selections you can make for your appointment, on us!

Warm towels-

As you settle in you will be draped with a warm neck towel.

You are wrapped up in another warm towel to finish the shampooing experience.


Choose a scent story for your appointment. You can pick from a range of staple and seasonal essential oils for your warm neck towel to enjoy during your service.

Hot Stone Lap Drape-

Think of this as weighted blanket with gentle far infrared warming.

The drape is full of tourmaline to ground, soothe, and relax.

Adding this takes the shampoo experience to the next level.

Hydrodhara  $35

Add on service.


The roots of this service are found in Ayurvedic medicine. The third eye dropper delivers a gentle flow of water over your scalp. The warm liquid is a customized blend of essential oils including biodynamic lavender, rose, rosemary, and fair trade araza. Find relief from tension and stress while the treatment nourishes your scalp. Includes and optional hand massage.

This holistic service encourages a moment of mindfulness, peace, and helps you return to center.

Strengthening blend-

Mint, rosemary, thyme, and lemon

For: Stimulating hair growth and supporting scalp health

Antioxidant blend-

Blood orange, basil, lemon balm, and bergamont

For: An instant mood boost. Full of antioxidants to combat free radicals

Relaxing blend-

Lavender, sage, fennel, and cedar

For: Relaxation and grounding. Reduces stress and can help with skin discomfort.

Eco-fin Hand Treatment  $15

Add on service.


This experience is similar to a paraffin treatment without the toxic petroleum, synthetic fragrance, chemical dyes, or excessive waste.

This plant based service is made with jojoba, shea butter, and sustainably farmed palm oil to hydrate and moisturize.

After choosing which essential oil fragrance you would like, hands are placed in warm mitts with healing and relaxing herbs to encourage absorption. After a hand massage the treatment is sealed in with organic aloe and Japanese honeysuckle.

Soothe your dry, overworked hands and take a moment to relax. 

Perfect add-on for while your color processes or during your shampoo.


I'm Just Here To Relax  $100

Stand alone service.


This relaxation package includes:

  • Shampoo with extended scalp massage

  • Hair and scalp mask with steam

  • Hydrodhara relaxation session with or without breath work 

  • Eco-fin hand treatment and massage

  • Blowout so you look as great as you feel

Not looking to change stylists?

No pressure to book any other services. Just come relax.

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