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Check out my favorites!

 I love these tools and products and I hope you do too!

If you'd like to purchase these products, please use my affiliate links below to help my small business at no cost to you. Just click the "shop" button next to the products and add to your cart!
I really appreciate your support!

Styling Products

Ask about our refill program.
Empty bottles = 20% off
Refills available for Shampoos, Conditioners, Tonik, and Jelly

image0 (2).png

Small but mighty

Essentials that make styling a breeze

Mister bottles are a MUST HAVE


Tangle brush for detangling and combing conditioner through


Get a helping hand when styling with these sectioning clips


Exfoliate while you shampoo and RELAX with this scalp scrubber brush.
Pro tip- use two for a next level experience.

scalp scrubber_edited.png

Set of oversized Turkish towels for drying and draping


Tools we love

Gadgets to help you level up

Minerals in your water can block hydration and
can tint blonde or grey hair


Looking for a diffuser for your blowdryer? This one is my favorite!


Make sure it fits your blowdryer by getting this adapter


Need a new blowdryer? This one is already compatible with the diffuser.


Looking for a portable hood dryer? Dry your hair while you check your emails.

hood dryer_edited.png

Salon favorites

Far Infrared Tourmaline Heating Pad

hot stones_edited.png

Gooseneck kettle with presets


Kind laundry sheets- a no water detergent.

kind laundry.jpg

Bobbles and bits

Honeybee pins

Resin clip set

Bun chain

resin clips.jpg
bun chain.jpg
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