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Christmas Lights

Hey There!

Let's get you filled in on a couple new features and important information for your Holiday Booking.

The calendar is now open for the rest of the year. You should be able to get your holiday appointments locked in! 

Only book an appointment if you intend to keep it!

The holidays have an increased demand. I can not guarantee I can fit you back on my schedule (regular booking days) prior to January 4, 2023 if you need to reschedule your appointment. If you do need to move, there may be slots available on Premium Appointment days, but there are no guarantees. 


Premium Appointments are salon openings on Mondays when I’m usually closed. They are charged at 1.5x. If you have trouble getting in or a Monday simply just works better for you, schedule with “Premium Christine (1.5x)” as the service provider. 

Looking for a standard appointment? Book with "Christine McMillan."


Current premium appointment days are 11/14, 11/21, 12/12, and 12/19.


As always, you can add your name to my VIP Waitlist to be notified if something pops up last minute. 


The math of mapping out appointments can be tricky with the spread of Thanksgiving and Christmas. You’re not quite ready for a full appointment... but want to be sure your tinsel roots don’t show in your holiday pictures. Ask if you qualify for a Get You Through Kit to touch up your roots in between visits.

Now shelf stable for 3 months!


I am so excited to celebrate over the next couple of months with you all! 

- Christine

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