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Green Leaves

Welcome to your very own
Get You Through Kit!

There are lots of reasons to order a GYT Kit.

Maybe you:

  • Need to stretch out your in-salon appointments

  • Want to keep a kit on hand for a quick touch up before a special event or holiday

  • Have a busy life that doesn't always accommodate time in the salon

  • Are getting ready for travel

  • Want to keep a kit on standby for surprises

  • Would like to refresh your toner or gloss service at home in between dimensional-color salon visits

  • Can't get a spot on the busy salon schedule

Let's get started!

Which kit do you have?

Store kit in a cool, dry place out of direct sunlight. Do not open the container until use.

Once the seal is broken, the color will start oxidizing and must be used immediately.

What you'll need from home before getting started: 
45-60 minutes of time
Old towel
Old button-down or open-neck shirt 
Drink of choice


those roots...

What's in your kit:
Custom formulated color jar **
Developer jar**
Color brush**
Color remover wipe
Shampoo and conditioner
Plastic Cape


** Bring the starred items back and get a $10 credit for your next appointment or kit!


Getting started:

Make sure you're wearing an old button-down or tank top with a large opening that you don't mind getting stained. This will make it easier when it comes time to hop in the shower. 


Prep your area by laying the provided plastic cape down over your working surface or using an old towel. The cape opens and ties behind the neck if you choose to use it on yourself.



Detangle your hair so you don't get stuck as you apply your color.

Glove up, nobody likes stained fingers!

Breaking the seal:

Time to pop open your color and developer jars with the key included in your kit.

Watch the embedded video to see it in action.

That sound is oh so satisfying!

(Bonus: The key is also a bottle or soda can opener and is yours to keep. Cheers!) 

Mix your color and developer in the provided bowl with the whisk until there are no lumps.

Load your color brush with a little dab of  your mixture to prevent dripping on surfaces or into eyes. Too much on the brush makes it hard to control.

Carefully apply your color to your hairline and one inch on both sides of your natural part. (Check out the video below for a demonstration.) Be sure to not overlap the color onto the previously colored hair. Continue down both sides if you have leftover color in your bowl.



Time to process:

Take a moment to take a tissue and clean up the skin on your hairline. Your color can stain your skin. Wiping it off before it processes makes cleanup so much easier. 

You've finished your application! Time to take off your gloves, set a timer for 35 minutes, and enjoy sippin' on that drink while you marinade. 


Shampoo time!

Don't forget to bring your packets with you as you jump in the shower. Tip your head back during the rinse process to avoid getting it in your eyes, and rinse until it feels clean. Shampoo making sure to massage your whole scalp. Condition and style. Use the color removal wipe to clean up any residual staining on your skin. Don't worry if it all doesn't come off, it will fade as you wash your face.

Love the shampoo and conditioner?

Click the link below to have it shipped to your house.

You did it!

Give your jars, lids, color brush, and whisk a quick rinse before tossing them back into the bag they came in. Bring the bag of goodies with you to your next appointment or you can drop it off under the white table outside my studio door anytime. 

Who doesn't want a credit for another kit or salon services?!

$10 off my next visit... yes please!

Scroll down to see my original Get You Through Kit video I filmed during our 2020 lock-down.

A little blast from the past! 

Your kit contents have changed a bit, but the video does help with application technique.

Now that you have fresh hair, don't forget to get on the books for your next maintenance visit!


Tone it up...
Coming soon!

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