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Wouldn't it be amazing to love your hair all the time, not just the day you leave the salon? 

Ditch the frizzy frustration and let us build a simple styling routine to help you LOVE your waves and curls.

So you want to love your hair but maybe...

  • You've never been educated on how to care for your hair outside of the salon

  • You don't know how to style your hair in a way that fits your lifestyle

  • You don't have a stylist who makes you feel listened to and understood

  • You worry about the products used and your impact on the environment

  • You find traditional salon spaces can sometimes be overwhelming

  • You feel judged for your frequency of visits or styling routine

Rock Paper Scissors Buford is all about healthy haircare. You can feel at ease in a non-judgmental space while in the hands of someone who has the solutions to the things holding you back from loving your hair.


I've got you, friend...


I'll teach you to love and style your hair at home, all while using clean and cruelty-free products.


You deserve a customized and non-judgmental salon experience where you feel seen, heard, and can be unapologetically YOU!

My single chair suite gives you the cozy one-on-one attention you deserve without the bustle of a busy salon.

Laid back luxury is my wheelhouse.

Spread out and relax with a cup of hot tea, sweeping views of the treetops, and enjoy this moment of self care! The space is designed to be customized to fit what YOU want to experience each and every visit.

Home 1

What we're about...


Hello friend!

Welcome to your new salon home. Thank you so much for your interest in joining me on my journey of changing the world... one head of hair at a time.

My name is Christine McMillan. I am a full-time hairstylist who specializes in curls and waves. Holistic hair health is my goal. I am mindful of the products and treatments I use, from your scalp to the very tips of your hair.

Care is taken to use cruelty-free products, reduce your exposure to harmful chemicals, and to be mindful of our environmental impact without sacrificing results.

The salon is a space of rest and positivity so you leave refreshed inside and out.

Growing up with curly hair, I had no idea where to start when it came to styling. I'll empower you with easy styling options to own your texture and lean into YOU!

I think self-care is such an undervalued aspect of our lives which is why I always make a point to encourage it during your visit.

In my off time I indulge in allllll the foods, travel, and quality time (outdoors if I can help it) with friends & family.

better hood.JPG

I believe that the craft of beauty has the power to change the world. I aspire to harness that power and put it into action, both on the local and global level.

The salon has an ongoing partnership with North Gwinnett Co-Op food bank. A portion of every sale goes toward stocking their pantry.
We do our best to live out "It takes a village."
Rock Paper Scissors Buford is also proud member of the Green Circle Salons family. 95% of our waste is recovered and repurposed. Even hair clippings find a new home and purpose without heading to the landfill.

Using sustainable products and habits my goal is to keep the planet as beautiful as YOU are!

If you'd like to help me on my mission to change the world, while also achieving the healthy hair of your dreams, you can click here to book an appointment with me. I so look forward to having the opportunity to meet and take care of you!

What people are saying...

New client and now forever a part of the Rock Paper Scissors Buford family! Not only is Christine friendly and easy to talk to, but she is also INCREDIBLY knowledgeable about hair! She has taken the time to teach me how to care for and style my unruly waves. She gave me an amazing cut and fabulous color. Plus, every trip to her salon feels like a trip to the spa with all of the care she puts into the little things- smells, drinks, and my favorite lap warmer!

-Sarah P.

Christine is AMAZING! I'm so happy I saw her post on the Nextdoor app. I don't think my hair has ever looked better! She did a fantastic job and was so easy to talk to. Definitely will be coming ng to Christine for all my future hair appointments.

-Sandra F.

Christine’s studio was stunning, and she was so communicative about how to get there. The survey she sent out before the appointment was so easy to follow, included many perks, and was extremely inclusive. I highly recommend her and have no complaints.

- Campbell R.

By Appointment Only

SUNDAY: Closed

MONDAY: Closed

TUESDAY: 12-8pm


THURSDAY: 12-8pm

FRIDAY: 9-6pm


There are 4 premium appointments available per month that are booked on Mondays or before/after normal salon hours.

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554 W Main St.
Buford, GA 30518

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