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In the meantime, here are my top 4 tips for happy, healthy, natural curls...


Use a clarifying shampoo  every 6-8 weeks to keep scalp AND hair playing nice with water. See link for one of my favorites.


The rest of your shampoo sessions should be using a gentler cleanser with a nurturing conditioner with lots of slip. I love Color Awakening and Color Radiance by Innersense.

Product do's and don'ts

Avoid products with silicones, heavy butters/oils, or sulphates. All of these can block hydration! Use 1-2 water soluble styling products. Don't know where to start? I Create Volume or I Create Lift by Innersense are great for beginners.

Scalp care

Your scalp is the garden and your hair is the flower. A healthy scalp is ESSENTIAL to good hair. Be sure to work your scalp when cleansing, and try out my favorite scalp toner,

Tonik by Cult + King,

after you're all clean!


Friction is your biggest enemy! Roughing up your cuticle can cause you to dry out, break off, or just makes managing your tresses harder than it needs to be. Protect your curls at night, in the wind, and BE GENTLE when its wet.


Thank you again for your trust in me! I can't wait to start working together!

- Christine

For more tips and tricks, make sure to check out my social media.

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