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Find a few of my salon's Eco solutions here.

Want to go a bit greener in your salon space? Here are a couple products and services that I find super helpful in the journey. 

Green circle.png

I use Green Circle Salons to process my hard to recycle items such as plastics that are not collected locally, PPE, cut hair, and leftover hair color.

I have installed water-saving spray nozzles at my shampoo basin, which reduces the water and energy used at the basin by up to 65%. The unique filtration system reduces chlorine and sediment in the water and my clients love the feel of the sprayer. The clear nozzle and bubbles really grab their attention. Some sinks need the hose too, so be sure to look at the guide on their website.

I was using and tossing a ton of foils as a salon suite that does a lot of haircolor. I've switched to the more sustainable option of Paper Not Foil sheets to lower my waste. They're quiet (no crinkling in the ears), reusable, and (even if you only use them once) they use less energy to produce. I prefer the wide sheets and cut them down smaller depending on how I intend to use them.

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